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What Does Music Mean To Me...?


This probing question from a drinks industry legend, started me on an inner quest to find the ultimate answer.

I’ve spent the best part of 30 years working in many aspects of music. I've worked with

everyone from Kanye to Kylie and sold millions along the way. 

I’ve devoted my life to making and breaking music. But why..?

Think about that question. Why do we do what we do?

After much sole searching I found the answer but I also realised that I had subconsciously moulded my life using music to fulfil a desire.

I just needed to join the dots. I’m not a musician, a producer, songwriter, or any of the other hats I had chosen to wear...

I’m a Cre8ive

As a Cre8ive my ideas are my currency. That's the difference between being 'creative' and being a Cre8ive.

I make money out of my ideas.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that the roof over my head, the food on the table and the clothes on my kids back, are all paid for from the basic concept that one day I have a great idea and I’ve found a strategy to encourage the world to pay for it!

It’s a beautiful thought but one tinged with fear.

What if my good ideas run out? What if they’re not that good and perhaps I just got lucky?

TommyD Studio3.jpg

Do you think the same?

Perhaps you’re already on your journey as a Cre8ive, a musician, writer, artist, etc but feeling lost, insecure about your own abilities, or just not getting the breaks you deserve. 

Or maybe you’re dreaming of a career as a Cre8ive, desperate to leave your tired job and put those brilliant ideas of yours to good use, earning top dollar along the way. 

The fact is we all have ideas.

We all are creative.

You don’t need to be in the creative industries

to have ideas


Look around. The world is built by people like you and me having and implementing great ideas, sharing them with others and bringing them to life. 


Regardless of these crazy times, we will always need people with ideas,

ideas that shape and improve for all. 

I bet you have great ideas every day but don’t know how to implement them?

You just need the confidence that comes from great strategies and a road map to guide you.


In this increasingly divisive world, where personal opinions are shot down and dismissed without actually being heard, we must remember that it’s our shared innovation that makes us all spectacular and unique. 

We need your amazing ideas more then ever!

But being a Cre8ive is not just about having good ideas. You need to work with others to finesse and improve those ideas.

You need to Collabor8.

Our world is obsessed with bigger, better, stronger, to win, or to lose

But time and time again this has shown that isolation and competitiveness actually work against us, stifle cre8ivity and foster mental health issues.

There is no you, or me, no my idea is better than your idea, no winners, or losers.

Success shows that other people matter and the best ideas are the products of a balanced team.

Whatever your chosen field Crea8ivity and collabor8ing go hand in hand and if you are to succeed as a Cre8ive you need to understand how to bring out the best in others, to help bring out the best in you.

This is why I formed the principles of HarmonyThroughMixology.

I have amassed all this incredible knowledge from working as a Cre8ive in so many varied aspects, backed it all up with expert knowledge in the field and now I want to share all this with you.

My lead course 8Ways2Cre8 extensively covers all aspects of Cre8ivity and Collaboration and is perfect for giving you a backbone in any Cre8ive industry. 

8Ways2Cre8 is a one stop tool box of tricks, tips and strategies to help you as a Cre8ive, stay focused, stay excited, stay inspired and stay true to your ‘why’

If your chosen field is music then The S.M.A.S.H.I.T. System is for you.

It's essential to understand all aspects of the music business and trust me I've seen and experienced it all.


The S.M.A.S.H.I.T. System covers

  • Music composition, 

  • Arrangement,

  • Production,

  • Performing,

  • Marketing

  • The industry itself. 

Compiled into handy modules that you can study in your own time individually,

or as a complete course online and anywhere in the world.

There are 40k songs being uploaded to the Spotify in the UK every week.

How are you gonna get noticed? 


So you're probably wondering what the answer is to that question? The one I mentioned right at the beginning?

What does music mean to me?

Music is the vehicle for my true passion. I love being in a room with people from all over the world, all shapes, colours and creeds, coming up with ideas and then working with teams to bring those ideas to life.  

Theres nothing better!

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