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HarmonyThroughMixology is a unique toolbox of tricks and strategies to support and guide you as a Cre8ive.

Being a Cre8ive involves working in harmony with both your artistic and scientific sides. You need both to succeed.

Whether you're in music, design, film, TV, publishing, fashion, the performing arts, or just someone with great ideas looking for a career change.

You need HarmonyThroughMixology.

I've spent 30 years as a Cre8ive, my ideas are my currency. Now I want to help you turn your ideas into GOLD. 

I'm here to help you get on the right track, to carve out a lifetime career doing what you love...

A Career as a Cre8ive

Don't Wai8, Cre8



TommyD is an award winning, multi platinum Music Producer,

Songwriter, Artist, DJ, TV Presenter, Public Speaker 

and founder and creator of 8O8 Whisky. 

Tommy has spent his life mixing,

mixing genres, mixing tunes,

 mixing whisky.

He believes in HarmonyThroughMixology,

mixing to create something new.

He has worked with everyone from Kanye to Kylie.

Tommy has sold over 60 million units

and had over a billion streams.

8Ways2Cre8 is your one stop shop to learn every aspect of life as a Cre8ive and a Collabor8or

Organised into 8 courses, each a comprehensive, inspiring selection of tricks and tools, to help keep your ideas flowing and your Cre8ive business running.

"I've successfully sustained a career based solely on my ideas as a Cre8ive. There are loads of YouTube Vids that teach you the technicalities of being a creative, what buttons to press, etc but there's no comprehensive, all in one guide to how to use your ideas to make money and help forge a career. So I cre8ed one!"

Tommy has taught 8Ways2Cre8 in some of the greatest creative arts colleges in the world, including Berklee College, Point Blank (London). Point Blank (China) InHolland Conservatorium, Holland  and Westminster College, London. 

Regardless of your chosen field, the 8Ways2Cre8 course will help you

get Cre8ive, stay Cre8ive and stay true to your 'Why'



TommyD Studio4.jpg

The S.M.A.S.H.I.T. System

I started out as a musician, got into DJing, progressed to music production and composition, as well as managing the creative vision for live shows for artists like JayZ and Kanye West.

After 20 years, I suddenly found myself as an artist signed to Capitol Music in the US.

I'm still very active in music, writing, arranging and producing.

I've worn many hats, experienced all aspects of the music business and been fortunate to learn from amazing greats and masters in their fields.

Throughout that time, I followed the same principles of HarmonyThroughMixology, always pushing myself and others to create something new and unique. 

Now I've put all this together in a course I call The S.M.A.S.H.I.T. System, that covers ALL aspects of the music business from composition, production, through to live performance, the workings of the business and the essence of marketing.

Want to learn all the tips and tricks? 
How do you get noticed in a post Covid, Internet saturated world.?

What ever your chosen musical path, it's essential to have an understanding of all aspects of the music business. 

The S.M.A.S.H.I.T. System has everything you need to be a success.

"TommyD is inspiring, generous and knowledgable. He will gift you ideas that you can run with and will challenge you to think differently about what you are doing and how you are doing it.

His knowledge of music and music production is profound and his enthusiasm for Cre8ivity knows no limits. 

Alongside all of this TommyD is full of brilliant stories and anecdotes that will have you both laughing and crying!"

Sally Anne Gross - Author,  Music Industry Academic and Principle Lecturer, University of Westminster

"TommyD’s been an inspiration to me over the years, not only because of the depth of his writing, production and musicality - but also his warmth and richness as a human.

Tommy’s success is down to his curiosity to learn. His ability to share this knowledge through the excellent HarmonyThroughMixology Programme and in his own inimitable style, will prove to be invaluable."

Fraser T. Smith - Grammy and Ivor Novello Award Winning Music Producer and Songwriter (Adele, Stormzy, Dave, Drake and Sam Smith)

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